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Logistics consulting constitutes a wide range of services provided by Space4Logistics. Within the scope of our services, we guarantee support in designing appropriate, optimally adapted warehouse space to fit the needs of the company.

We also help in organising logistic processes and implementing the most effective market solutions.

The process of logistics consulting is not an easy task – preparing an ideal warehouse space requires a number of analyses, actions and works. All of this is done to provide precisely tailored warehouse spaces which can minimize the company’s operating costs. Saving money is not the only benefit.

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As part of our logistics advisory services we carry out a professional logistics audit. This work allows us to assess the current situation of the company, but also to learn about its plans for the future. Carefully conducted audit also enables to identify main problems and strengths – as a result, on the basis of collected information, adjusting appropriate solutions becomes much easier and guarantees achieving desired effects!

Properly planned operations also translate into more efficient use of time – more effective work is something that every company expects. All of this is complemented by safety – well-planned warehouses and operations within them are key to a company’s success!

Striving to improve and optimize processes in companies is a constant work that requires knowledge, resources and experience.

Imagine that in one place you will get answers to the questions: what and how to build in the context of the size and shape of the building, what solutions should appear inside the warehouse, whether it is worth going in the direction of automation… and many more that will help your company achieve savings.

Many companies are wondering how to start the process of launching a new distribution center or production place. In cooperation with Space For Logistics, we advise on how to effectively combine the processes of surface design, its optimal use and finding the right place on the map of Polish or Europe.

Logistics consultancy includes:

  • data collection – we collect all information concerning the scope of the company’s activities, the range and quantity of products to be stored, and any possible problems the company is currently facing,
  • data analysis – we analyse all collected information in detail so as to obtain a full picture of the processes taking place in the warehouse or during the production process,
  • process analysis – in order to understand your business in detail, we analyse your existing warehouse procedures, taking into account the possibility of increasing the efficiency of your warehouses and, as a result, achieving higher profits,
  • development of a concept for processes and new warehouse space – we prepare a professional plan to change or implement new processes and an outline of the new warehouse space that takes into account more efficient solutions. Most importantly, when preparing changes we assume the lowest possible implementation costs, all in order to maximise profits,
  • design of infrastructure and warehouse space – after determining the initial concept we prepare a design and visualisation of the warehouse space itself as well as its internal infrastructure, so that the Client can precisely visualise the space in which their company will soon operate!

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We approach each Client and project individually, providing professional assistance at each stage of cooperation. We focus on providing services at the highest level – we regularly improve our staff’s knowledge and keep abreast of new market trends.

We do not stop – we believe that our development is the key to our Clients’ success.

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