Lease and sale of warehouse facilities

Analysing the Client’s needs, the range and specificity of their activities and a number of other accompanying factors, we prepare an initial offer for the lease or purchase of warehouse facilities. We take into account the expectations and needs of the investor, location proposals, and technical and price conditions.

This allows us to find options amongst the wide range of warehouse facilities for rent and for sale which perfectly meet Client’s expectations. We believe that acquiring access to functional facilities on beneficial conditions is the basis for the development of a company, gaining a competitive advantage, and consequently achieving success!

Varied warehouse facilities across the entirety of Poland

We rent and sell warehouse facilities throughout Poland – we assist Clients in every corner of the country, regardless of the type and scope of their activity. The proposed areas are perfect for distribution centers, sorting offices, e-commerce and production facilities. They can also be adapted to the needs of office workers – depending on specified requirements, we can combine office and social spaces of appropriate size, functionality and standard.

Warehouse facilities for production

Are you looking for an ideal production facility? You will also find it in our offer! Not only will we help you find a space with the right size and specifications, but also with the right layout for your production line and specific needs. We’ll help you through the entire process – from developing a strategy, identifying your requirements, to taking care of every last detail concerning the delivery of your facility.

It is important to note that during our actions we take into account not just existing solutions: if they do not meet your expectations, we will find ones that will!!

The final decision regarding the object is made by the Client on the basis of the list of selected and presented offers. The whole process concludes with preparation of a contract – you can also rely on our support at this stage.

Renegotiation of rental agreements

Renegotiation of warehouse and logistics rental agreements is an excellent way to generate savings. By properly preparing for the process, analysing the situation and leading negotiation talks you can reap considerable benefits – up to a 20% reduction in costs.

This solution is perfect for every customer – every company renting a storage and production facility. The possible benefits in each situation are different and depend on many factors. The final balance is influenced by the size of the occupied storage space or the current market situation as well as the situation in a given region.

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Why is it worth renegotiating your rental agreement?

Renegotiating a rental agreement is an excellent way to reduce the rental rate, i.e. regularly incurred costs. Based on the activities carried out so far we can estimate that the existing customers have gained 20%, and in some cases even 30% of profits – on an annual cost scale these are exceptionally high profits! What is more, the actions carried out make it possible to achieve better conditions of use of storage and logistics facilities without the need to look for new space and thereby avoid very often time-consuming and costly relocation.

Analysis of expectations
and market review




Are renegotiations of rental agreements popular?

Increasingly YES, but only a minority of customers are aware of which benefits can be achieved by choosing to work with a professional lease advisor in this area. By monitoring the situation in the warehouse and industrial market we are able to prepare and guide the customer through the renegotiation process with a view to generating savings and very often improving the standard of the space currently being rented.

If your rental agreement for a warehouse, logistics or production facility is coming to an end or you want to change its location for whatever reason – contact us.

Our professional consultants will not only advise you on how to extend the agreement on more favourable terms for the following years and help you obtain a better offer, but also if you are looking for a new warehouse facility they will propose individually tailored solutions.

We are at your disposal!

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